Tuesday, November 19, 2013


So, a while back CLH and I won tickets in a silent auction to Watch What Happens Live. We were BEYOND excited. The package also came with a gift certificate to Morandi. We enjoyed fried artichoke and brussel sprouts for our appetizers and then CLH had veal milanese and I had lasagna. The most exciting part of the meal was that Princess Eugenie sat right behind us!
Zooming in: 
Hard to tell, but it was her!
After dinner we cabbed over to the WWHL studios. Here is their pre-show menu: 
CLH enjoyed a Mazel or two while I sampled the Clubhouse Classic. Next, we were ushered into the studio: 
And then @BRAVOAndy made his appearance:

On ze phone all ze time. 
The guests were Stassi & Jacks. Nuff' said. After the show we took some photos: 

And then @BRAVOandy came back in to take a picture with us. I must preface this with saying that I WAS a HUGE Andy Cohen fan, but it is with a heavy heart that I must report he was not as friendly as he seems in person. I was so excited to meet Andy and get to say hello/take a picture, but he was SUCH a diva. He wouldn't even look at us! He ran in, smiled for the camera, and said NEXT! Wha?????? No me gusta! It was basically like finding out that Santa is not real. I'm sorry to burst your bubbles ladies, but he was not the loving and fun guy he seems to be on TV :( womp, womp. The only good thing that came out of this is that MFB will not have to endure anymore Bravo TV marathons. All I have to say to @DIVAandy is, NEXT!

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