Friday, January 3, 2014

Gray Malin Inspired Living Room

Our current living room is very "pottery barn" and I'm dying to spice it up a bit. We currently have this couch and a "painting" of sailboats (purchased from BB&B circa 2004) and framed vintage New Yorker covers hanging above it. While the couch isn't stylistically what I'd go for now, it is insanely comfortable and will last for a long time. MANY years from now when we are no longer living in NYC, I'm envisioning it becomes the playroom/casual TV room sofa. For now I gotta work with it and dress it up with throw pillows and blankets! Here is one idea I came up with using artwork, throw pillows and a rug for bursts of color while leaving the couch, side tables and lamps white/clear:

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