Friday, February 28, 2014

Apartment Update: Bedroom

Little by little our apartment is coming together! I am so pleased with how our bedding turned out. Luckily we had a ton of gift cards to William Sonoma, so I was able to get our duvet cover and shams free of charge! I had been eying this sheet set from Biscuit for a while now and once I picked out our duvet cover I knew they'd be the perfect match. A couple of years ago my sister bought me the cutest shamrock boudoir pillow case from D. Porthault, but I was never able to find a place to use it until now. I love the pop of color it adds and love having a little ode to Ireland on our bed :) Another cute piece I added was a Leslie Linsley pillow from Nantucket. Everything came together so nicely and the monogrammed shams and decorative pillows give it such a personalized touch! 

 I accessorized my nightstand with some favorite pictures, tiny perfume bottles, and jewelry. 
I hung this frame with this print beside our bed - cheesy, I know, but a nice little reminder of the promise we have made to each other. The next room I am going to tackle is the living room. I'm on the hunt for the perfect rug and throw pillows (finally saying farewell to my pink pillows to make it a little more gender neutral!). 

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