Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I decided this long weekend would be the perfect opportunity to try out the BluePrintCleanse. I know a few people who have done it and not one of them liked it. I heard that some of the juices were disgusting and that it would make you nauseous and dizzy. However, I need to be in a bikini in 3 weeks, so I decided it was worth a try to kick start a healthy diet. I am SO glad I did! After 3 days without food I feel totally fine. I did "cheat" a few times and had a banana, a few pieces of celery and a couple baby carrots, but it was honestly more out of boredom than feeling starved. I was able to sit through a meal with MFB at a Philly cheeseteak place and an Italian dinner with my fam without feeling insanely jealous about what they were eating. I would definitely try this again, maybe even the 6-day cleanse. My favorites were the Spicy Lemonde and Cashew Milk! Hopefully I can keep up this healthy kick until we get to Cabo :) 

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