Monday, March 24, 2014

San Jose del Cabo: Las Ventanas

We are back from the most amazing trip ever! Las Ventanas al Paraiso was hands down the nicest hotel I've ever been to. It was so incredibly beautiful and I've never encountered a more friendly and attentive staff in all of my travels. 

You are collected at the airport in a private car from the resort and given a moist toilette, a bottle of water and a Coronita! When you arrive at the resort (about a 15-20 minute drive from the airport) you skip the normal "check-in" routine and are handed a margarita and immediately taken to the spa. There you decide whether you'd like a head/neck or foot massage followed by a light snack (all complimentary). After we had decompressed from the flight we were taken to our suite. The design was so beautiful and the bed was SO comfortable. Our terrace was the perfect place to take in the view and enjoy room service for breakfast or desert after dinner. They even left a sewing kit personalized to our wardrobe for us after we unpacked!
The food and drinks were absolutely delicious! Pictured below: 1) 2 out of the 5 nights of our trip we had s'mores for dessert sert by the fireplace in our suite 2) Drinking the largest and most delicious Pina Colada I've ever had! 3) Enjoying the complimentary popsicles passed around by the pool every afternoon - this one was guava 4) MFB enjoying nachos poolside! 
Our Private Sail & Whale Watch!
Relaxing at Las Ventanas
We spent most of our time lounging by the pool, reading and swimming. The perfect 80 degree weather was just what we needed after enduring many snow storms in New York this winter! One afternoon we went to the spa for a couples massage and another morning we took a yoga class with the most beautiful view. 
Check-out was done in the comfort of our suite. We were taken to the airport in one of their private cars (they had a fleet of Mercedes G5's) and a personal escort brought us to the front of the VERY long check-in line (we heard other people say they were on line for 2 hours, however we only waited 20 minutes!). This is the perfect hotel for a relaxing and romantic getaway. We are already planning to return in a few years for an anniversary trip! 

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