Thursday, June 12, 2014

Newsflash: We're Expecting!!!

Picture taken at 13 weeks!
I am SO excited to announce that MFB and I are expecting! I am 21 weeks now and I'm feeling great. Michael and I feel so incredibly blessed and we are so excited to start our family (we plan to have a big one!!!). We are so thrilled to start this next chapter in our lives.
 Written at 13 Weeks:
When did you find out? President's Day Weekend! That Saturday I finally dropped my wedding dress off to be cleaned/preserved. I'm so glad I decided to try it on one last time because 2 days later I found out I was pregnant!
Who was the first person you told? MFB of course! I had always planned that I'd find some creative way to reveal to him that I was pregnant when the time came, but when the test came back positive I immediately ran into the bedroom crying with joy to tell him!
How did you tell your family? We decided not to tell anyone until we made it through the 1st trimester. It was like TORTURE! I still can't believe I was able to do it. When I finally made it to 13 weeks, I told my mom and sister by giving them grandma & godmother greeting cards and then presented my dad with a NY Giants onesie in front of my other siblings. Everyone was so thrilled!
 When did you start experiencing symptoms? I started getting morning sickness right on schedule at around 6 weeks and it was non-stop through week 12. You basically feel like you have a horrible hangover every morning. Fun stuff!
When did you start showing? It started becoming uncomfortable to wear pants/jeans at the waist at around 8 weeks, but my belly didn't really start to grow until I was 12 weeks.
Did anyone suspect you were pregnant before you started telling people? Nope! I stopped drinking about 2 months before I actually became pregnant, so no one suspected anything once I really was pregnant! This is a great tactic to use if you are trying, but want to keep it under wraps until you make it through the 1st trimester :)
Worst moment? At just 6 weeks I got in a car accident on the highway. Someone rear-ended me in bumper to bumper traffic, but because I was pregnant and paranoid I reacted as if I had just lost my legs or something lol. The poor man who hit me must have been terrified, but luckily I calmed down and called my doctor and she assured me that the baby would be fine. Phew! 
Best moment? Seeing the "human like" figure on the 8-week ultrasound and seeing/hearing the heartbeat for the first time.
Do you think it is a boy or a girl? We both think it is a boy at this point.
What are you most excited for in the second trimester? SO many things! 1) Feeling the baby kick 2) Finding out the sex! 3) Having my belly "pop"
Have you made any purchases yet? #duh
 1. Sophie 2. Moccasins (thanks to CLH!) 3. Uggs
4. Baby Journal 5. Diaper Bag (thanks to NRD!) 6. Sleeper and Swaddles
7. Fleece & Bunting 8. Monkey Friend 9. Irish Sweater & Cap (thanks to Grammy!)

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