Monday, July 21, 2014

Second Trimester Recap:

My 2nd trimester was wayyyy better than the 1st. I have definitely regained some energy and the morning sickness is gone (#thanksbetojesus). These past 3 months have been the most exciting because we were able to learn the baby's gender (BOY!) and I started feeling movement! I just cannot wait for it to be October so we can snuggle with this little peanut!
Written at 26 Weeks:
When did you find out the sex? 
At 20 weeks I had my anatomy ultrasound and they were able to tell us we were having a boy! We are thrilled! We both originally thought it was a boy, but then around 15 weeks I wavered and started leaning more towards a girl. MFB was right in sticking to his guns!
Have you felt any movement? 
Yes! At around 15-16 weeks I had a few moments where it felt as if a goldfish was wiggling around in my belly for 1-2 seconds and then it would stop. Then there was a 2 week period in between where I felt nada (and of course worried my head off, but everything was fine!). At 18 weeks I was lying in bed one night when all of the sudden it felt like popcorn popping in my stomach for about 4-5 seconds! That was truly an exciting moment because it was the first time the baby really made his presence known! By 23 weeks I started experiencing movement more regularly. We were able to feel/see the movements from the outside by about 25 weeks. 
Has your belly popped?  
Oh, yes! I noticed a big change between 13-15 weeks. It was good timing because I had planned not to tell work until I was 14 weeks and by the time I did my office manager said people had already started asking her if I was expecting! I would say I was "fully" showing by 18 weeks.
At my cousin's wedding when I was 19 weeks!
What symptoms do you have now? 
I have a WAY earlier bedtime than usual. I used to stay up until around 11pm, but now I am always in bed by 9-9:30. If I do a lot of walking or activities during the day, I tend to need a nap or at least a rest on the couch for a period of time before feeling up for going out again. My commute to work is about an hour long drive, so I also tend to be very sleepy right when I get home from work.
Are you going on a babymoon? 
We secretly already did! We went to Cabo when I was just 8 weeks and it was so relaxing. I've also traveled to Texas on business, Palm Beach twice (for Easter and MDW), upstate NY for a wedding, Rhode Island for a girls weekend with MFK, Boston to visit MFB's fam, Long Island, and I have a trip to New Hampshire coming up in August for a wedding. We are definitely getting in a lot of travel before the wee one arrives!
In Palm Beach for MDW when I was 18 weeks!
Worst moment? Knock on wood, I haven't had one! The baby is big enough now that my at-home doppler works, so it has been so reassuring to be able to listen to the heartbeat whenever I please.  
Best moment? Finding out that we were having a boy! MFB came with me to the appointment and it was way longer than I had anticipated. They take measurements and photographs of every body part (which was absolutely amazing to see) and after about 40 minutes of that, they finally showed us the "gender shot" lol. We even got to see the little guy in 3D yawning and moving his arms and legs!
What are you most excited for in the third trimester? Setting up the nursery and finally getting to meet mini MFB!

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