Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Third Trimester Recap:

I can't believe I am finally 40 WEEKS!!! I am so ready to meet my little guy. I really hope he decides to make his grand entrance sooner rather than later :) 
Written at 40 Weeks
Any changes from the 2nd trimester?
My arthritis flared up around 30 weeks and never let up, so it put an end to needlepointing and yoga :( However, I have been able to do a lot of walking to keep in shape!
My bump has also gotten insanely big. I am shakin in ma boots to see how big #minimfb is at birth! 
Total weight gain?
40 lbs
Rings on or off? 
I haven't been able to wear my rings since about 28 weeks :( I can't wait to be able to wear them again sometime soon! 
First drink/meal post baby?
Champagne (and I also planned to have sushi, but later learned I can't go there until I'm done in about 6 months I will have champs and sushi!) 
Coming home outfit? 
Grammy purchased this one in newborn and I'm also bringing a back up onesie in size 3-6mos in case he doesn't fit in newborn, which is looking pretty likely! 
The car seat is installed and ready to go! We just can't wait to take our little guy home!

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