Friday, November 28, 2014

JMB: One Month Recap

I can't believe James is already a month old! This doesn't make any sense, but it feels like he has been with us forever and just born yesterday at the same time. Here is a little recap of our first month with our little man!
Labor & Delivery:
My entire pregnancy I "just knew" that James was going to arrive at least a week early and that as long as he wasn't born on Halloween I would be fine. WELL, James decided to arrive exactly a week late and at 1:36am ON Halloween. Go figure!
The Wednesday before Halloween I had a checkup and still hadn't made any progress in 4 weeks, so my doctor decided it was time to induce. We were told to arrive at the hospital at 11pm and my doctor assured me that James would be born on Thursday (the 30th) and definitely not on Halloween (I wanted him to have his special day and not have it overshadowed by a holiday!). So, we arrived at Mt. Sinai around 10:45pm on the 29th and at about 11pm EVERYONE on the UES decided to go into labor. SO, as rooms became available, women in active labor kept jumping us on the wait list and we wound up sitting in the hallway of the L&D floor until 4 AM! When we finally got a room we were both exhausted, but at least we had gotten a room! Our nurse informed us that soon after we got a room, 3 women came in in active labor and were in triage getting epidurals! So, I was extremely lucky to have gotten a room when I did. 
Our room overlooking Central Park!

Waiting for little man!
The induction finally began around 8am on the 30th and we waited...and waited...and waited. Little James just did not want to come out! When 11pm rolled around and I still wasn't 10cm, my doctor decided it was time to push anyway to try and move things along. I started to push at 11:30pm and two hours later our little James FINALLY made his debut! He weighed in at 8lbs 14oz and was 20 inches long. 
 The experience was nothing like I had imagined. I had my epidural before they started pitocin, so I actually have no idea what a contraction even feels like. I really only felt pressure which was uncomfortable, but not painful at all. In between pushing we were chatting with my nurse and doctor about our future travel plans while my favorite country music songs played in the background. It was very calm and peaceful and totally surreal. Many women will want to kill me for saying this, but about 20 minutes after James had arrived I turned to Michael and said "that was it? I can definitely do this again!" So many people had told me that after I had one baby my plans of having 5 children would go out the window, but as I already knew they were all wrong. Labor and taking care of an infant are exhausting, but I'm so relieved that my experience was pretty easy so that our dream of having a big family can stay a reality! 
Coming Home:
We brought James home on November 2nd with the help of Grammy & Auntie CLH. Grammy & CLH were AMAZING. They scoured the city for all of the last minute items we needed and got us all settled at home with the babe. Our baby nurse arrived that night and was the best decision we have ever made. She was so good with James and showed us how to do everything and answered our millions of questions with ease. Most importantly she allowed us to get some rest! Our nurse was with us for 2 weeks and did half 24/7 shifts and half just overnight shifts. It was the perfect amount of time and I think a huge reason why it only took me about a week to recover. 
My little peanut!
Chillin with Daddy!
All About James:
I know I'm biased, but he is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! We still can't decide who he looks like, but I'm so excited to see all of his features and expressions take shape. His hair has started to curl a little bit at the ends (I'm hoping he has some nice curly cues like his dad!) and he has the cutest little button nose! His favorite thing to do is drink milk. We have taken to calling him little piggy and milk breath (lol). (Side note - we couldn't get him to breastfeed for about a week, but the amazing Ayelet Kaznelson was able to get him to latch within 5 minutes of meeting us! She runs a clinic at Seleni on the UES every Thursday and is seriously the breastfeeding whisperer!) He really likes to sleep on Daddy's chest and over Mommy's shoulder. His favorite trick is to pee on Daddy right after he has started to put a clean diaper under his bum! He is a sneaky little lad! He is already incredibly strong and alert and we just can't wait for him to start smiling and showing us his personality! 
 (I dressed him up in dress blues for Veterans Day...aka future blackmail photo!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Third Trimester Recap:

I can't believe I am finally 40 WEEKS!!! I am so ready to meet my little guy. I really hope he decides to make his grand entrance sooner rather than later :) 
Written at 40 Weeks
Any changes from the 2nd trimester?
My arthritis flared up around 30 weeks and never let up, so it put an end to needlepointing and yoga :( However, I have been able to do a lot of walking to keep in shape!
My bump has also gotten insanely big. I am shakin in ma boots to see how big #minimfb is at birth! 
Total weight gain?
40 lbs
Rings on or off? 
I haven't been able to wear my rings since about 28 weeks :( I can't wait to be able to wear them again sometime soon! 
First drink/meal post baby?
Champagne (and I also planned to have sushi, but later learned I can't go there until I'm done in about 6 months I will have champs and sushi!) 
Coming home outfit? 
Grammy purchased this one in newborn and I'm also bringing a back up onesie in size 3-6mos in case he doesn't fit in newborn, which is looking pretty likely! 
The car seat is installed and ready to go! We just can't wait to take our little guy home!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

#Minimfb's Nursery!!!

The nursery is complete! It came out better than I could have ever imagined. It is seriously the happiest and coziest room I've ever seen :) I can't wait to bring our little man home to such an amazing room. Here is what we did: 

1) We live in a 1 bedroom with a dining alcove, so the first step was converting the dining alcove into a separate room since it was open to the kitchen and living room. We used Manhattan Pressurized Walls and they did a great job:

2) Then we had the room painted a beautiful shade of blue:
 3) Next, MFB went to work on his mural. I was a tad nervous about this idea, but MFB shocked us all with his hidden artistic talent! He found this stencil kit from My Wonderful Walls and did a fabulous job!

4) Then it was time to decorate! The bookshelf was something I bought at Linens N Things circa 2005 and the changing table was a hand-me-down from MFB's brother's fam. The crib, rocker, rug, blackout shades, mobile, elephant lamp and bedding are all Pottery Barn Baby. The giraffe head is from Serena and Lily

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anniversary Shoot

MFB and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on September 7th! My big plan is to have a professional family photo taken every September 7th. One day when we have a house and have all of our little kiddos, we'll have a great timeline of our family to display on the wall!

We had our amazing wedding photographer, Chris Owyoung, meet us back at the same spot where we took our wedding portraits and he did a fabulous job. Here are two pictures we "replicated" and some more from the shoot: 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby Shower for #MINIMFB:

My mom organized the most beautiful baby shower for #minimfb at Siwanoy Country Club in Westchester. It was so great to spend the afternoon with all of my aunts, cousins and besties celebrating my little peanut! Here are some pics from the party: 

My mom did an amazing job decorating the tables. Everyone got a blue pashmina and blue egg kitchen timer as party favors and she put the cutest baby toys on each table surrounding all of the floral centerpieces: 
and she got my favorite bear cookies from my childhood for dessert :)
Marms and Me (maternity dress is from Asos): 
With my girls:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pregnancy Must-Haves Round Two:

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and SO ready to meet this little man! I wrote my first list of pregnancy must-haves when I was 25 weeks, so here is my updated (and final!) list now that I am nearing the finish line:
1) Bump Nest Maternity Pillow - I purchased this towards the end of my second trimester and it has been a huge help. I've had a really hard time sleeping, but this pillow gives support and relief in the areas that need it the most.
2) Prenatal Yoga - I've been taking prenatal yoga once a week since I was 25 weeks at Yogi Beans via the Prenatal Yoga Center. It is mainly stretching, but it has been a great way to force myself to stay active even on the days when I really don't feel like it. It is also a great way to meet other girls and get tips for different positions and stretches to try while in labor.
3) Babybites Expectant Moms Group - I found out about this resource through an expectant mom at yoga and it has been amazing. You meet once a week for 6 weeks with a "moderator" and 10 other expectant moms who live in your neighborhood and just chat! As someone who doesn't have any friends with children, it has been a great way to meet some other ladies on the UES who have due dates close to mine. It will be great to have other people to visit with while on maternity leave!
4) Nail Salons - I pretty much get pedicures every 1-2 weeks now and I do not feel guilty about it one bit! My feet are killin me and getting a pedicure with a 10 minute massage is like heaven on earth.
6) Natural Stretch oil by Earth Mama Angel - this was on my last list, but I had to mention it again because it is seriously a miracle worker. Stretch marks are genetic and I sadly got a ton during my growth spurt in middle school, so I was bracing myself for postpartum belly that looked like war zone. Crazy enough, I haven't gotten a single stretch mark! I've been putting this on once-twice a day since my first trimester and I'm so thankful that I did. I will definitely continue to use this as part of my daily skin care routine post-baby.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Rosewood Tucker's Point, Bermuda

Our second mini babymoon was just what the doctor ordered. Our first babymoon was when we went to another Rosewood resort back in March, but only MFB and I knew I was pregnant at that point! We originally weren't going to do another trip, but we decided to take advantage of our last opportunity to travel somewhere before kiddos. We picked Bermuda since it just an hour and 45 minute flight from NYC. I was a little nervous to travel at 30 weeks pregnant, but it was such an easy trip! We even got to cut lines at the airport since the airline insisted I be taken through in a wheelchair :) After our AMAZING experience at Rosewood's Las Ventanas and my love of The Carlyle hotel in NYC, we decided to check out another one of their resorts. Tucker's Point was absolutely beautiful and we would definitely recommend it to other couples looking for a relaxing weekend getaway. Here are some pics: 
Delicious cookies upon arrival 
Enoying a mocktail
Our beautiful view 
Needlepoint on the beach! 

Night on the town
Scenes from our balcony
Dinner at Waterlot Inn - highly recommend!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vacation Time!!!

MFB and I spontaneously booked a trip and will be lounging here for the next few days xoxo

Friday, August 8, 2014

Why I have been MIA

I have seriously declined in my posting (sorry!!!) and it has nothing to do with being pregnant and tired. I used to do all of my blog posts on Sunday afternoons/evenings while I watched TV and relaxed, but now I am needlepointing whenever I have free time! When I went on ALT's bachelorette she showed me how to do it and it is SO easy. So far I have completed one canvass and have two more in the works (a pillow and a Christmas stocking). All are projects for #minimfb of course! If you are interested in trying it out, I highly recommend going to Rita's Needlepoint on 79th and Lexington. They have tons of beautiful canvasses to choose from and you even get a free lesson with Rita when you purchase your first canvass! Below is the first canvass I completed which I'm having made into a pillow:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Second Trimester Recap:

My 2nd trimester was wayyyy better than the 1st. I have definitely regained some energy and the morning sickness is gone (#thanksbetojesus). These past 3 months have been the most exciting because we were able to learn the baby's gender (BOY!) and I started feeling movement! I just cannot wait for it to be October so we can snuggle with this little peanut!
Written at 26 Weeks:
When did you find out the sex? 
At 20 weeks I had my anatomy ultrasound and they were able to tell us we were having a boy! We are thrilled! We both originally thought it was a boy, but then around 15 weeks I wavered and started leaning more towards a girl. MFB was right in sticking to his guns!
Have you felt any movement? 
Yes! At around 15-16 weeks I had a few moments where it felt as if a goldfish was wiggling around in my belly for 1-2 seconds and then it would stop. Then there was a 2 week period in between where I felt nada (and of course worried my head off, but everything was fine!). At 18 weeks I was lying in bed one night when all of the sudden it felt like popcorn popping in my stomach for about 4-5 seconds! That was truly an exciting moment because it was the first time the baby really made his presence known! By 23 weeks I started experiencing movement more regularly. We were able to feel/see the movements from the outside by about 25 weeks. 
Has your belly popped?  
Oh, yes! I noticed a big change between 13-15 weeks. It was good timing because I had planned not to tell work until I was 14 weeks and by the time I did my office manager said people had already started asking her if I was expecting! I would say I was "fully" showing by 18 weeks.
At my cousin's wedding when I was 19 weeks!
What symptoms do you have now? 
I have a WAY earlier bedtime than usual. I used to stay up until around 11pm, but now I am always in bed by 9-9:30. If I do a lot of walking or activities during the day, I tend to need a nap or at least a rest on the couch for a period of time before feeling up for going out again. My commute to work is about an hour long drive, so I also tend to be very sleepy right when I get home from work.
Are you going on a babymoon? 
We secretly already did! We went to Cabo when I was just 8 weeks and it was so relaxing. I've also traveled to Texas on business, Palm Beach twice (for Easter and MDW), upstate NY for a wedding, Rhode Island for a girls weekend with MFK, Boston to visit MFB's fam, Long Island, and I have a trip to New Hampshire coming up in August for a wedding. We are definitely getting in a lot of travel before the wee one arrives!
In Palm Beach for MDW when I was 18 weeks!
Worst moment? Knock on wood, I haven't had one! The baby is big enough now that my at-home doppler works, so it has been so reassuring to be able to listen to the heartbeat whenever I please.  
Best moment? Finding out that we were having a boy! MFB came with me to the appointment and it was way longer than I had anticipated. They take measurements and photographs of every body part (which was absolutely amazing to see) and after about 40 minutes of that, they finally showed us the "gender shot" lol. We even got to see the little guy in 3D yawning and moving his arms and legs!
What are you most excited for in the third trimester? Setting up the nursery and finally getting to meet mini MFB!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekend Recap: ALT's Bachelorette Bash!

This past weekend was my friend's bachelorette vacay and it was amazing!!! We stayed at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport, NY and I already can't wait to go back with MFB. 
The rooms were beautiful (I stayed in The Sage room) - amazing bath products and the most comfortable beds. The food was delicious - 3 course breakfast menu was included in our stay. And the location was perfect - very quick drive to the Jamesport Town Beach and close to shops, restaurants and wineries.
 I immediately fell in love with this town and have already started obsessively researching real estate in the area!!! Here are the spots we checked out: 

1. Love Lane Kitchen - We stopped here before we took a sail around Shelter Island and everyone loved what they ordered. I highly recommend the chicken salad sandwich! 
 2. Jedediah Hawkins Inn Restaurant - Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner!
 3. Sparkling Point - Beautiful spot for sparkling wine tasting!
4. Station - Absolutely delicious food. Perfect for a romantic dinner or girls night out. There is in an indoor/outdoor bar and fire pit to sip cocktails at as well. I highly recommend the pork milanesa!
5. Noah's -  Great spot for lunch in between shopping or walking around Greenport.