Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Rosewood Tucker's Point, Bermuda

Our second mini babymoon was just what the doctor ordered. Our first babymoon was when we went to another Rosewood resort back in March, but only MFB and I knew I was pregnant at that point! We originally weren't going to do another trip, but we decided to take advantage of our last opportunity to travel somewhere before kiddos. We picked Bermuda since it just an hour and 45 minute flight from NYC. I was a little nervous to travel at 30 weeks pregnant, but it was such an easy trip! We even got to cut lines at the airport since the airline insisted I be taken through in a wheelchair :) After our AMAZING experience at Rosewood's Las Ventanas and my love of The Carlyle hotel in NYC, we decided to check out another one of their resorts. Tucker's Point was absolutely beautiful and we would definitely recommend it to other couples looking for a relaxing weekend getaway. Here are some pics: 
Delicious cookies upon arrival 
Enoying a mocktail
Our beautiful view 
Needlepoint on the beach! 

Night on the town
Scenes from our balcony
Dinner at Waterlot Inn - highly recommend!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vacation Time!!!

MFB and I spontaneously booked a trip and will be lounging here for the next few days xoxo

Friday, August 8, 2014

Why I have been MIA

I have seriously declined in my posting (sorry!!!) and it has nothing to do with being pregnant and tired. I used to do all of my blog posts on Sunday afternoons/evenings while I watched TV and relaxed, but now I am needlepointing whenever I have free time! When I went on ALT's bachelorette she showed me how to do it and it is SO easy. So far I have completed one canvass and have two more in the works (a pillow and a Christmas stocking). All are projects for #minimfb of course! If you are interested in trying it out, I highly recommend going to Rita's Needlepoint on 79th and Lexington. They have tons of beautiful canvasses to choose from and you even get a free lesson with Rita when you purchase your first canvass! Below is the first canvass I completed which I'm having made into a pillow: