Friday, November 28, 2014

JMB: One Month Recap

I can't believe James is already a month old! This doesn't make any sense, but it feels like he has been with us forever and just born yesterday at the same time. Here is a little recap of our first month with our little man!
Labor & Delivery:
My entire pregnancy I "just knew" that James was going to arrive at least a week early and that as long as he wasn't born on Halloween I would be fine. WELL, James decided to arrive exactly a week late and at 1:36am ON Halloween. Go figure!
The Wednesday before Halloween I had a checkup and still hadn't made any progress in 4 weeks, so my doctor decided it was time to induce. We were told to arrive at the hospital at 11pm and my doctor assured me that James would be born on Thursday (the 30th) and definitely not on Halloween (I wanted him to have his special day and not have it overshadowed by a holiday!). So, we arrived at Mt. Sinai around 10:45pm on the 29th and at about 11pm EVERYONE on the UES decided to go into labor. SO, as rooms became available, women in active labor kept jumping us on the wait list and we wound up sitting in the hallway of the L&D floor until 4 AM! When we finally got a room we were both exhausted, but at least we had gotten a room! Our nurse informed us that soon after we got a room, 3 women came in in active labor and were in triage getting epidurals! So, I was extremely lucky to have gotten a room when I did. 
Our room overlooking Central Park!

Waiting for little man!
The induction finally began around 8am on the 30th and we waited...and waited...and waited. Little James just did not want to come out! When 11pm rolled around and I still wasn't 10cm, my doctor decided it was time to push anyway to try and move things along. I started to push at 11:30pm and two hours later our little James FINALLY made his debut! He weighed in at 8lbs 14oz and was 20 inches long. 
 The experience was nothing like I had imagined. I had my epidural before they started pitocin, so I actually have no idea what a contraction even feels like. I really only felt pressure which was uncomfortable, but not painful at all. In between pushing we were chatting with my nurse and doctor about our future travel plans while my favorite country music songs played in the background. It was very calm and peaceful and totally surreal. Many women will want to kill me for saying this, but about 20 minutes after James had arrived I turned to Michael and said "that was it? I can definitely do this again!" So many people had told me that after I had one baby my plans of having 5 children would go out the window, but as I already knew they were all wrong. Labor and taking care of an infant are exhausting, but I'm so relieved that my experience was pretty easy so that our dream of having a big family can stay a reality! 
Coming Home:
We brought James home on November 2nd with the help of Grammy & Auntie CLH. Grammy & CLH were AMAZING. They scoured the city for all of the last minute items we needed and got us all settled at home with the babe. Our baby nurse arrived that night and was the best decision we have ever made. She was so good with James and showed us how to do everything and answered our millions of questions with ease. Most importantly she allowed us to get some rest! Our nurse was with us for 2 weeks and did half 24/7 shifts and half just overnight shifts. It was the perfect amount of time and I think a huge reason why it only took me about a week to recover. 
My little peanut!
Chillin with Daddy!
All About James:
I know I'm biased, but he is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! We still can't decide who he looks like, but I'm so excited to see all of his features and expressions take shape. His hair has started to curl a little bit at the ends (I'm hoping he has some nice curly cues like his dad!) and he has the cutest little button nose! His favorite thing to do is drink milk. We have taken to calling him little piggy and milk breath (lol). (Side note - we couldn't get him to breastfeed for about a week, but the amazing Ayelet Kaznelson was able to get him to latch within 5 minutes of meeting us! She runs a clinic at Seleni on the UES every Thursday and is seriously the breastfeeding whisperer!) He really likes to sleep on Daddy's chest and over Mommy's shoulder. His favorite trick is to pee on Daddy right after he has started to put a clean diaper under his bum! He is a sneaky little lad! He is already incredibly strong and alert and we just can't wait for him to start smiling and showing us his personality! 
 (I dressed him up in dress blues for Veterans Day...aka future blackmail photo!)